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Question 1: In 1977, after Mario Cuomo lost the Democratic nomination for mayor of New York to ________, the Liberal Party endorsed Cuomo, who proceeded to again lose narrowly in the general election.
Ed KochRudy GiulianiCharles B. RangelMichael Bloomberg

Question 2: The party endorsed ________'s successful campaign for the United States Senate in 2000, but this did not revive its fortunes.
Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, 2008Joe BidenJohn McCainHillary Rodham Clinton

Question 3: Another hurdle to the efforts to reestablish the Liberal Party is the formation in mid-1998 of the ________, a party that enjoys, as the American Labor and Liberal parties did in their prime, strong labor union support.
New York gubernatorial electionsWorking Families PartyGreen Party (United States)George Pataki

Question 4: Its 1998 candidate for governor, Lieutenant Governor ________, received less than two percent of the vote.
Mario CuomoDavid PatersonRichard RavitchBetsy McCaughey

Question 5: In the general election for Senator in 1980, it was assumed that Javits took Jewish votes away from ________, the Democratic candidate, as they both lost to D'Amato.
Elizabeth HoltzmanChuck SchumerAbraham BeameAlan Hevesi

Question 6: The symbol of the New York Liberal Party was the ________.
Fort MifflinLiberty BellContinental AssociationSecond Continental Congress

Question 7: At their founding, the Liberal Party had conceived a plan to become a national party, with former Republican presidential candidate Wendell Willkie as its national leader and candidate for ________ in 1945.
Mayor of New York CityNew York City CouncilMichael BloombergGovernment of New York City

Question 8: Other currently active parties pursuing a similar strategy in New York include the Conservative Party and the ________.
New York gubernatorial electionsWorking Families PartyGreen Party (United States)George Pataki

Question 9: In 1969, Lindsay, the incumbent Republican ________, lost his own party's primary but was reelected on the Liberal Party line alone.
Mayor of New York CityMichael BloombergNew York City CouncilGovernment of New York City

Question 10: The Liberal Party was founded in 1944 by ________ as an alternative to the American Labor Party, which had been formed earlier as a vehicle for leftists uncomfortable with the Democratic Party to support Franklin D.


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