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Liberal Christianity: Quiz


Question 1: The theology of liberal Christianity was prominent in the ________ of the 19th and 20th centuries.
BibleHigher criticismDocumentary hypothesisBiblical criticism

Question 2: ________ (1884–1976), German biblical scholar.
Hermann GunkelRudolf BultmannErnst KäsemannMartin Heidegger

Question 3: 1934) ex-priest, New Testament scholar, co-founder of the ________.
Jesus SeminarMark 1Historical JesusGospel

Question 4: 1938) Brazilian, ex-Franciscan, ex-priest, cofounder of ________.
Catholic Worker MovementDorothy DayLiberation theologyPhillip Berryman

Question 5: ________ (1813–1887), US preacher who left behind the Calvinist orthodoxy of his famous father, the Reverend Lyman Beecher, to popularize liberal Christianity.
Henry Ward BeecherConnecticutUncle Tom's CabinAmerican Civil War

Question 6: Had his licence to teach Catholic theology revoked in 1979 because of his rejection of the doctrine of the ________, but retained his faculties to say the Mass.
Papal infallibilityInfallibility of the ChurchCatholic ChurchChristian denomination

Question 7: ________, (1851–1930), German theologian and church historian, promoted the Social Gospel.
Adolf von HarnackNew TestamentApostolic FathersChurch Fathers

Question 8: Contemporary liberal Christians may prefer to read Jesus' miracles as ________ narratives for understanding the power of God.

Question 9: [2] A liberal Christian, however, may hold certain beliefs in common with traditional, orthodox, or even ________.
Conservative ChristianityCatholic ChurchPopeChristian apologetics

Question 10: The style of scriptural ________ within liberal theology is often characterized as non-propositional.
Phenomenology (philosophy)Arthur SchopenhauerHermeneuticsExistentialism


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