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Question 1: An independent continuation appeared in the reign of ________ (1431-1447), appending biographies from Pope Urban V (1362-1370) to Pope Martin V (1417-1431), encompassing the period of the Western Schism.
Pope Alexander VIPope Sixtus IVPope Eugene IVPope Nicholas V

Question 2: [1] Other sources attribute the early work to Hegesippus and Irenaeus, having been continued by ________.
Early ChristianityDevelopment of the New Testament canonEusebius of CaesareaTimeline of Christianity

Question 3: The second extends from ________ (1378-1389) to Pope Pius II (1458-1464).
Pope Urban VIPope Boniface IXPope Alexander VIPope Clement VI

Question 4: A later recension of this continuation was expanded under ________.
Pope Eugene IVPope Sixtus IVPope Alexander VIPope Nicholas V

Question 5: Duchesne refers to the 12th century work by Petrus Guillermi in 1142 at the ________ (Diocese of Reims) as the Liber Pontificalis of Petrus Guillermi (son of William).
Saint GilesCatherine of AlexandriaSaint PantaleonSaint George

Question 6: The Liber Pontificalis (________ for Book of the Popes) is a book of biographies of popes from Saint Peter until the 15th century.
Roman EmpireOld LatinVulgar LatinLatin

Question 7: [2] The attribution originated with ________ and is repeated by Martin of Opava, who extended the work into the 13th century.
Epistle to the HebrewsRabanus MaurusPauline epistlesSirach


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