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Question 1: The book also includes Euclidean geometric proofs, and a study of simultaneous linear equations following ________, which Fibonacci most likely learned from Persian mathematician al-Karaji (Ore 1948).
Greek mathematicsPtolemyDiophantusArithmetica

Question 2: Liber Abaci was among the first Western books to describe Arabic numerals, the first being the Codex Vigilanus completed in 976, other pivotal works followed by ________ in 999.
Pope Boniface VIIIPope Gregory IPope Sylvester IIPope Benedict XVI

Question 3: '''Liber Abaci''' (1202, also spelled as Liber Abbaci) is a historic book on arithmetic by Leonardo of Pisa, known later by his nickname ________.
Fibonacci numberItalyFibonacciGolden ratio

Question 4: The second section presents examples from commerce, such as conversions of ________ and measurements, and calculations of profit and interest.
ISO 4217CyprusCurrencyCoin

Question 5: Another example in this chapter, describing the growth of a population of rabbits, was the origin of the ________ for which the author is most famous today.
Pell numberGolden ratioFibonacci numberEuclidean algorithm

Question 6: The first section introduces the Arabic numeral system, including ________ and methods for converting between different repesentation systems.
Schönhage–Strassen algorithmMultiplication algorithmNumber-theoretic transformEuclidean algorithm

Question 7: II.12) the ________, perfect numbers and Mersenne primes as well as formulas for arithmetic series and for square pyramidal numbers.
Modular arithmeticChinese remainder theoremRSAPrime number

Question 8: The fourth section derives approximations, both numerical and geometrical, of ________ such as square roots.
Complex numberIrrational numberTranscendental numberReal number


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