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Question 1: Another name for China in English, ________, is derived from the name Khitan.
Bento de GóisCathayMing DynastyMongol Empire

Question 2: It has been partially deciphered by linguistic experts, and it is hoped recent discoveries near ________ will aid in its being completely deciphered.
ShanxiYuncheng, ShanxiTaiyuanDatong

Question 3: The Liao Empire was destroyed by the Jurchen of the ________ in 1125.
Jin Dynasty (1115–1234)Song DynastyLiao DynastyYuan Dynasty

Question 4: From the time of the empire's creation all the way to its decline, the Liao Dynasty was recognized by ________.
Korean PeninsulaKoreaNorth KoreaSouth Korea

Question 5: ________
Timeline of Chinese history
Dynasties in Chinese history
Linguistic history
Art history
Economic history
Education history
Science and technology history
Legal history
Media history
Military history
Naval history
Tang DynastyChinese historiographyHan DynastyQing Dynasty

Question 6: They then decided to move further into the present day provinces of ________ and Shanxi.
Beidaihe DistrictShanhaiguanWuqiao CountyHebei

Question 7: When Shi Jingtang revolted, the Liao sent a large army through the passes at ________ to assist.
PingyaoShanxiHebeiYu County, Shanxi

Question 8: The Song Dynasty succeeded the Later Zhou Dynasty, the last of the ________, in 960.
Yuan DynastyLiao DynastyTang DynastyFive Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms Period

Question 9: Beginning in 994, ________ having committed one of ten grave crimes would be punished according to Chinese law.
Tang DynastyLiao DynastyManchuriaKhitan people

Question 10: However, Abaoji died on ________, temporarily removing attention from the Sixteen Prefectures.
March 4July 20January 1September 6


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