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Question 1: Its area of influence extended from around Lake Tai north to Nanjing and the Chang Jiang, east to Shanghai and the sea, and south to ________.

Question 2: The Liangzhu culture (Chinese: 良渚文化pinyin: liángzhǔ wénhuà) (3400-2250 BC) was the last Neolithic jade culture in the Yangtze River Delta of ________.
Religion in ChinaChinaProvince (China)Time in China

Question 3: The culture was highly stratified, as jade, silk, ________ and lacquer artifacts were found exclusively in elite burials, while pottery was more commonly found in the burial plots of poorer individuals.

Question 4: It is 17.5 kilometers north-west of the north-east corner of ________ in Hangzhou.
ZhejiangSong DynastyWest LakeBeijing

Question 5: The altar has three levels, the highest being a platform of ________.
Building materialRammed earthCob (material)Soil

Question 6: The jade from this culture is characterized by finely worked large ritual jades, commonly incised with the ________ motif.
Gōng (vessel)Jue (vessel)TaotieYou (vessel)

Question 7: The type site at Liangzhu was discovered in Yuhang County, ________ and initially excavated by Shi Xingeng in 1936.

Question 8: The culture possessed advanced ________, included irrigation, paddy rice cultivation and aquaculture.
Sustainable agricultureAgricultureOrganic farmingIntensive farming

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