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Liam Connor: Quiz


Question 1: In a comical misunderstanding, he thought Frankie was a transsexual when the person discussed was in fact ________.
Hayley CropperRoy CropperWeatherfieldCoronation Street

Question 2: Liam dated ________ for a while, thinking she was an estate agent but she was secretly working as an escort.
Janice BattersbyNick TilsleyLeanne BattersbyWeatherfield

Question 3: ________ revealed to Liam that Leanne was working as a prostitute.
Michelle ConnorCarla ConnorMaria ConnorPaul Connor (Coronation Street)

Question 4: After the ________ of the couple's baby boy, Maria kept the news from Liam and stayed at Audrey's.
Preterm birthStillbirthTwin-to-twin transfusion syndromeChorioamnionitis

Question 5: ________ | Paul Connor | Liam Connor | Michelle Connor | Alex Neeson | Tom Kerrigan | Ryan Connor | Liam Connor Jr.

Question 6: In fact, Liam only found out about his child's death from the ________ when she called to check on Maria.
Certified Nurse MidwifeChildbirthHome birthMidwifery

Question 7: News of Liam's death spread quickly over ________ as friends and relatives mourned his passing.
Coronation StreetLeanne BattersbyCoronation Street timelineWeatherfield

Question 8: [1] On 26 June, it was revealed that the character was to be murdered with the three main suspects likely to be Tony Gordon, ________, or Maria Connor.
Michelle ConnorPaul Connor (Coronation Street)Ryan ConnorCarla Connor

Question 9: Spouses: Helen Connor | ________ | Maria Connor
Carla ConnorRyan ConnorPaul Connor (Coronation Street)Michelle Connor

Question 10: He was the brother of ________ and the late Paul Connor.
Carla ConnorRyan ConnorMaria ConnorMichelle Connor


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