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Leydig cell: Quiz


Question 1: Leydig cells form during the 16th and 20th week of gestation and are quiescent until ________.
PubertySexual differentiationPrenatal developmentPregnancy

Question 2: They secrete testosterone, androstenedione and ________ (DHEA), when stimulated by the pituitary hormone luteinizing hormone (LH).

Question 3: Specifically, in rats who can synthesize ________ endogenously, and in guinea pigs who (like humans) require an exogenous source of Vitamin C (sodium ascorbate) in their diets.
Vitamin B12Vitamin CFolic acidVitamin C megadosage

Question 4: LH increases cholesterol desmolase activity (an enzyme associated with the conversion of ________ to pregnenolone), leading to testosterone synthesis and secretion by Leydig cells.
Trans fatAtherosclerosisCholesterolLow-density lipoprotein

Question 5: The acidophilic cytoplasm usually contains numerous membrane-bound lipid droplets and large amounts of ________ (SER).
Endoplasmic reticulumCell (biology)Golgi apparatusEndomembrane system

Question 6: ________ (FSH) increases the response of Leydig cells to LH by increasing the number of LH receptors expressed on Leydig cells.
Human chorionic gonadotropinGonadotropinLuteinizing hormoneFollicle-stimulating hormone

Question 7: They produce testosterone in the presence of ________ (LH).
Endocrine systemFollicle-stimulating hormoneLuteinizing hormoneGonadotropin-releasing hormone

Question 8: ________  (Urethral crest/Seminal colliculus/Prostatic utricle/Ejaculatory duct, Prostatic sinus/Prostatic ducts)
Reproductive systemPenisProstateSeminal vesicle

Question 9: Leydig cells release a class of hormones called ________ (19-carbon steroids).

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