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Question 1: Levofloxacin is a synthetic chemotherapeutic ________ of the fluoroquinolone drug class[1][2] and is used to treat severe or life-threatening bacterial infections or bacterial infections which have failed to respond to other antibiotic classes.
ATC code J01Antibiotic misuseAntibioticNucleic acid inhibitor

Question 2: Investigation of ________, an older drug that is the racemic mixture, found that the l form [the (–)-(S) enantiomer] is more active.

Question 3:
What is the molecular weight of Levofloxacin?
666.894 g/mol
361.368 g/mol
209.24 g/mol
380.42 g/mol

Question 4:
What is the elimination half life of Levofloxacin?
6-8 hours
8-12 hours
6 to 8 hours
7-8 hours

Question 5:
How is Levofloxacin excreted?
Primarily through the bile, urinary
60% Urinary

Question 6: Such interactions increase the risk of cardiotoxicity and ________, anticoagulation, the formation of non-absorbable complexes, as well as increasing the risk of toxicity.
Supraventricular tachycardiaCardiac dysrhythmiaMyocardial infarctionAtrial fibrillation

Question 7: Some drug interactions are associated with molecular structural modifications of the quinolone ring, specifically interactions involving NSAIDS and ________.

Question 8: [127] ________, a flavonol, a kind of flavonoid, occasionally used as a dietary supplement, may interact with fluoroquinolones, as quercetin competitively binds to bacterial DNA gyrase.

Question 9: Levofloxacin is associated with a number of serious and life-threatening adverse reactions as well as spontaneous tendon ruptures and irreversible ________.
Peripheral neuropathyPneumoniaSymptomICD-10 Chapter XVIII: Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings

Question 10: In 2005, the ________ for the Federal Circuit had affirmed the validity of US patent (No.
United StatesUnited States courts of appealsPolitical divisions of the United StatesU.S. state

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