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Question 1: All these make the level set method a great tool for modeling time-varying objects, like inflation of an ________, or a drop of oil floating in water.
AirbagAutomobileHeadlampAutomotive lighting

Question 2: [1] Also, the level set method makes it very easy to follow shapes that change ________, for example when a shape splits in two, develops holes, or the reverse of these operations.
MathematicsAlgebraic topologyManifoldTopology

Question 3: This is a partial differential equation, in particular a ________, and can be solved numerically, for example by using finite differences on a Cartesian grid.
Hamilton–Jacobi equationHamiltonian mechanicsLaplace–Runge–Lenz vectorClassical mechanics

Question 4: It has become popular in many disciplines, such as image processing, computer graphics, computational geometry, optimization, and ________.
Computational fluid dynamicsMonte Carlo methodRiemann solverComputational physics


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