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Question 1: At the nominal scale, i.e., for a nominal category, one uses labels; for example, rocks can be generally categorized as ________, sedimentary and metamorphic.
BasaltIgneous rockGraniteFelsic

Question 2: In addition to the measures of statistical dispersion defined for interval variables, such as range and ________, for ratio variables one can also define measures that require a ratio, such as studentized range or coefficient of variation.
Normal distributionMeanStandard deviationVariance

Question 3: Interestingly, Stevens' writings betrayed a critical view of ________ as he argued:
PsychologyEducational psychologyPsychometricsIndustrial and organizational psychology

Question 4: The central tendency of a variable measured at the ratio level can be represented by, in addition to its mode, its ________, or its arithmetic mean, also its geometric mean or harmonic mean.
VarianceNormal distributionMedianProbability distribution

Question 5: The central tendency of a variable measured at the interval level can be represented by its mode, its ________, or its arithmetic mean.
MedianProbability distributionNormal distributionVariance

Question 6: Variables measured at the interval level are called "interval variables" or sometimes "scaled variables" as they have ________.
Conversion of unitsUnits of measurementMetric systemSystems of measurement

Question 7: An example of ordinal measurement is the results of a ________, which say only which horses arrived first, second, third, etc.
EquestrianismHorse racingThoroughbredStandardbred horse

Question 8: The central tendency of an ordinal attribute can be represented by its mode or its ________, but the mean cannot be defined.
VarianceMedianProbability distributionNormal distribution

Question 9: In this scale type, the numbers assigned to objects or events represent the ________ (1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.) of the entities assessed.
Mann–Whitney UFIFA World RankingsOlympic GamesRanking

Question 10: In this article Stevens claimed that all ________ in science was conducted using four different types of scales that he called "nominal", "ordinal", "interval" and "ratio".
Metric systemUnited States customary unitsPlanck unitsMeasurement


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