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Leukemia inhibitory factor: Quiz


Question 1: This leads to activation of the JAK/STAT (Janus kinase/signal transducer and activator of transcription) and ________ (mitogen activated protein kinase) cascades.
AKTMAPK/ERK pathwayExtracellular signal-regulated kinasesMitogen-activated protein kinase

Question 2: Leukemia inhibitory factor, or LIF, an interleukin 6 class ________, is a protein in cells that affects cell growth and development.
Fas ligandCytokineChemokineCD154

Question 3: Therefore LIF is used in mouse embryonic ________ culture.
Developmental biologyStem cellPrenatal developmentUmbilical cord

Question 4: LIF binds to the specific LIF receptor (LIFR-α) which forms a heterodimer with a specific subunit common to all members of that family of receptors, the ________ signal transducing subunit.
CD117Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor receptorGlycoprotein 130Colony stimulating factor 1 receptor

Question 5: It is necessary to maintain the stem cells in an undifferentiated state, however genetic manipulation of embryonic stem cells allows for LIF independent growth, notably overexpression of the gene ________.
Oct-4Homeobox protein NANOGGLI2Aryl hydrocarbon receptor

Question 6: Other properties attributed to the cytokine include: the growth promotion and cell differentiation of different types of target cells, influence on ________ metabolism, cachexia, neural development, embryogenesis and inflammation.
Human skeletonHuman skullHead and neck anatomyBone


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