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Question 1: It is an ________, which means that humans cannot synthesise it.
MethionineLysineEssential amino acidGlutamic acid

Question 2:
What is Leucine also known as?
2-Amino-4-methylpentanoic acid
1-(4-Amino-2-propyl-5-pyrimidinyl)methyl-2-picolinium chloride

Question 3: [3] Leucine is utilized in the liver, ________, and muscle tissue.
AdipocyteAdipose tissueBrown adipose tissueCollagen

Question 4: An enantiomeric enhancement of 2.6 % had been induced, indicating a photochemical origin of biomolecules' ________.
AlanineHomochiralityMethionineAmino acid

Question 5: Leucine is a major component of the sub units in ________, astacin and other 'buffer' proteins.
FerritinHaptoglobinHemoglobinAlanine transaminase

Question 6: As a food additive, L-Leucine has ________ E641 and is classified as a flavour enhancer.
High-fructose corn syrupSaccharinSucraloseE number

Question 7: Leucine (abbreviated as Leu or L)[1] is an α-________ with the chemical formula HO2CCH(NH2)CH2CH(CH3) 2.
Amino acid synthesisL-DOPAMetabolismAmino acid

Question 8: With a hydrocarbon side chain, leucine is classified as a ________ amino acid.
SuperhydrophobeChemical polarityHydrophobeHydrophile


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