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Question 1: The ________ was invented around 800 BC.
Greek languageHebrew alphabetGreek alphabetPhoenician alphabet

Question 2: For other writing systems and their letters, see List of writing systems and ________.
List of writing systemsArabic alphabetBrāhmī scriptList of languages by writing system

Question 3: They may also serve other functions, such as in the ________ where all nouns begin with capital letters.
Romanian languageSpanish languageGerman languageDutch language

Question 4: In ________, letters are written artistically and may or may not be consistent throughout a work.
TypefaceLower caseBlackletterCalligraphy

Question 5: ________ after "x the unknown" in algebra, because the discoverer did not know what they were.
Nuclear fusionIonizing radiationRadiation therapyX-ray

Question 6: As symbols that denote segmental speech, letters are associated with ________.
PhoneticsLinguisticsMorphology (linguistics)Phonology

Question 7: Each letter in the written language is usually associated with one ________ (sound) in the spoken form of the language.
PhonemeInternational Phonetic AlphabetEnglish orthographyPhonology

Question 8: This information can be useful in ________ and for other purposes as well.
SteganographySignals intelligenceCryptographyEspionage

Question 9: ________, for example, is usually called zed in all English-speaking countries except the U.S., where it is named zee.
ZJLatin alphabetV

Question 10: Plan A, Plan B, etc; ________, beta ray, gamma ray, delta ray, epsilon ray
Alpha particleElectronAtomAlpha decay


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