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Lesson: Quiz


Question 1: It involves one or more ________ (also called pupils or learners in some circumstances) being taught by a teacher or instructor.
High schoolUniversityCollegeStudent

Question 2: This ensures that the plan will be cohesive, that all the components of a successful lesson are taken care of, and that one has a checklist to ensure that practicalities are taken care of (e.g, resources, scheduling, and ________ considerations).
Classroom managementRichard CurwinEducational psychologyAllen Mendler

Question 3: ________ techniques such as video conferencing, or Electronic learning in a Virtual learning environment have allowed interactive lessons to be presented to students who may not be in the same physical location.
Distance educationE-learningUnited StatesUnited Kingdom

Question 4: The word lesson comes from ________ lectio "the action of reading (out)".
Vulgar LatinRoman EmpireOld LatinLatin

Question 5: From there, the word was also used for the text itself, very often a passage from the ________ read out during a religious service ("first lesson", "second lesson").
Biblical canonNevi'imChristianity and JudaismBible

Question 6: When the term education is combined with entertainment, the term ________ is coined.
Soap operaEdutainmentCancerUnited Kingdom

Question 7: Teachers and instructors usually have a ________ which dictates the structure of the teaching.
Lesson planConceptSkillEvaluation

Question 8: A lesson is a structured period of time where ________ is intended to occur.

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