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Les McCann: Quiz


Question 1: He became an innovator in the soul jazz style, merging jazz with funk, soul and world rhythms; much of his early 1970s music prefigures the great ________ albums of the decade.
Stevie Wonder discographyWe Are the WorldStevie WonderSuperstition (song)

Question 2: Les discovered ________ and obtained an audition which resulted in a recording contract with Atlantic Records.
Roberta Flack discographyRoberta FlackDonny HathawaySam Cooke

Question 3: McCann's song "Valantra" was sampled by the late rapper The Notorious B.I.G. ("The Ten Crack Commandments") on his album ________.
Duets: The Final ChapterLife After DeathNotorious (soundtrack)Ready to Die

Question 4: The live version of "Compared to What" was featured in the ________ film Casino, during the scene where the organizational hierarchy of the casino is being explained.
Academy Award for Best PictureMartin ScorseseTaxi DriverGoodfellas

Question 5: The ________ concert was recorded for the documentary film Soul To Soul.
March 16March 6March 4January 1

Question 6: In 1969, Atlantic Records released Swiss Movement, a recording of McCann with regular collaborator and saxophonist Eddie Harris and guest trumpeter Benny Bailey at that year's ________.
Roskilde FestivalMontreux Jazz FestivalRock WerchterSchaefer Music Festival

Question 7: "Compared To What" was initially recorded and released by soul vocalist ________.
Roberta FlackDonny HathawaySam CookeRoberta Flack discography

Question 8: The beginning of 'Sometimes I Cry' was sampled by ________ to create 'Teardrop'.
Massive AttackCollectedBlue LinesMassive Attack discography


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