Lerner and Loewe: Quiz

Question 1: Strangely, they only got to work on the adaption of Pygmalion (play) (on which My Fair Lady is based) after ________ and Rodgers and Hammerstein had passed it up.
Gertrude LawrenceBitter SweetNoël CowardLaurence Olivier

Question 2: Their final public appearance was in December 1985, when they received a ________, six months before Lerner's death.
Bob HopeKennedy Center HonorsFrank SinatraCharlton Heston

Question 3: After ________, their first major success, Loewe was heard telling his close friends that, as long as he lived, he would never work with Lerner again.
BrigadoonMy Fair LadyAlan Jay LernerCamelot (musical)

Question 4: But they did work together again, reaching the pinnacle of their partnership with ________.
My Fair LadySouth Pacific (musical)Cabaret (musical)Guys and Dolls

Question 5: Their last collaboration came with the 1974 ________, The Little Prince, which received mixed reviews but was lauded as one of the team's most cerebral scores.
BollywoodFred AstaireMusical filmMusical theatre

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Lerner_and_Loewe)