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Question 1: [14] Leprosy was once believed to be highly contagious and sexually transmitted, and was treated with mercury—all of which applied to ________ which was first described in 1530.
SyphilisErythema chronicum migransMolluscum contagiosumHerpes simplex

Question 2:
What is the chemical name of Dapsone (IUPAC)

Question 3:
How is Rifampicin excreted?
15 to 30% renal
Renal 94%, Feces 6%
Biliary and renal, as metabolites
46.4% Kidney, renal

Question 4: [2][32] The use of non-culture-based techniques such as ________ has allowed for alternative establishment of causation.
Genetic engineeringMolecular geneticsDNAGenome

Question 5:
What is the molecular weight of Thalidomide?
266.381 g/mol
269.345 g/mol
258.23 g/mol

Question 6: ________ reports over 50% of the world's leprosy cases.
IndiaLok SabhaIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementResearch and Analysis Wing

Question 7: [59] In 1999, 108 cases occurred in the ________.
AlaskaUnited StatesPhilippinesCanada

Question 8: MDT for multibacillary leprosy consists of rifampicin, dapsone, and ________ taken over 12 months.
Clofazimine4-Aminosalicylic acidAldesulfone sodiumIsoniazid

Question 9: He was canonized on October 11, 2009 at a Vatican ceremony presided over by ________
Catholic ChurchPope John Paul IIPope Benedict XVIPope Paul VI

Question 10: [7] The only animal other than humans that is known to contract leprosy is the nine-banded ________.


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