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Leotard: Quiz


Question 1: Exercise videos by celebrities such as ________ also did much to popularize the garment.
Ellen BurstynJane FondaSally FieldAcademy Award for Best Actress

Question 2: Stage use of the leotard typically coordinated the garment with ________ or tights.

Question 3: Others are crew necked or polo necked and close at the back of the neck with a ________ or snaps.

Question 4: By the mid 1990s leotards had been almost completely replaced for exercise wear by the sports bra and ________.
OverallShortsVelcroAthletic shoe

Question 5: Leotards are worn by acrobats, gymnasts, ________, athletes, thespians, and circus performers both as practice garments and performance costumes.
African-American danceDanceConcert danceBallet

Question 6: These leotards were produced in a variety of ________ and spandex materials, as well as the more traditional cotton previously used for uni-colored leotards and tights.

Question 7: The 1920s and 1930s saw leotards influencing the style of ________, with women's one-piece swimsuits today still being similar in appearance to leotards.
SwimsuitUndergarmentBikiniBoxer briefs

Question 8: This style of leotard can be seen in early 20th century photos of the ________ "strong man".
Contemporary circusCircusCircus skillsUnited States

Question 9: In the early 20th century, leotards were mainly confined to ________ and acrobatic shows, worn by the specialists who performed these acts.
United StatesCircus skillsContemporary circusCircus

Question 10: By the late 1970s leotards had become common both as exercise and street wear, popularized by the ________ craze, and aerobics fashion craze of the time.
DiscoPost-discoFunkFreestyle music

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