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Question 1: ________ moves through the meteoroid stream of particles left from the passages of a comet.

Question 2: [7] Conversely, young trails are spatially very dense and the cause of ________ when the Earth enters one.
CometMeteor showerLeonidsHalley's Comet

Question 3: They are differentially disturbed by the planets, in particular ________[5] and to a lesser extent by radiation pressure from the sun, the Poynting–Robertson effect, and the Yarkovsky effect.
Callisto (moon)JupiterIo (moon)Ganymede (moon)

Question 4: It was marked by the Native Americans,[11][12] slaves like ________ and slave-owners[13][14] and others.
Frederick DouglassWilliam Cooper NellUnderground RailroadHarriet Tubman

Question 5: [1] There were also efforts to observe impacts of meteoroids, as an example of ________, on the Moon in 1999.
KREEPSelenographyLunar waterTransient lunar phenomenon

Question 6: [31] However, a close encounter with ________ is expected to perturb the comet's path, and many streams, making storms of historic magnitude unlikely for many decades.
Ganymede (moon)Io (moon)JupiterCallisto (moon)

Question 7: [4] Leonids in particular are well known for having bright ________ or fireballs which may be 9mm across and have 85g of mass and punch into the atmosphere like a car hitting at 60mph.
Impact eventNear-Earth objectMeteoriteMeteoroid

Question 8: [15] Near ________, it was taken as a sign to push the growing Mormon community out of the area.
Harrisonville, MissouriLiberty, MissouriPlatte City, MissouriIndependence, Missouri

Question 9: The Leonids get their name from the location of their radiant in the ________ Leo: the meteors appear to radiate from that point in the sky.
ConstellationCruxCanis MajorTaurus (constellation)

Question 10: The Leonids ([ˈli.əˌnɪdz] lee-uh-nids) are a prolific meteor shower associated with the ________ Tempel-Tuttle.
SunCometCentaur (minor planet)Solar System


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