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  • his fine bass voice turned Leonid Kharitonov from a poor villager in Siberia into a renowned singer performing all around the Soviet Union?

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Question 1: He was born in Golumet, ________, in 1933.
Irkutsk OblastTuvaBuryatiaKrasnoyarsk Krai

Question 2: On that day two good friends of his, cosmonauts Pavel Belyaev and ________, were blasted into space on the Voskhod 2.
Valeri KubasovRussiaAlexey LeonovAndrei Sakharov

Question 3: With the ________ he recorded The Ballad about Russian Boys (music: Novikov; lyrics: Oshanin L.), John Reed Walks Around Petrograd (music: Novikov; lyrics: M.
Alexandrov EnsembleAlexandrov Ensemble soloistsAlexandrov Ensemble choirAlexandrov Ensemble discography

Question 4: After all, this is a song about Stenka Razin: the first revolutionary; a cross between ________ and Robin Hood - and this performance made Leonid Brezhnev cry.
HunsAttila the HunFlavius AetiusHunnic Empire

Question 5: Like many of the great Russian operatic singers of the Soviet era, this bass-baritone singer who is respected in ________ and who sings fully in the tradition of Chaliapin is largely unknown in the West.
RussiaUnited StatesMoscowRussian culture

Question 6: Leonid Kharitonov has a wife and two sons, and has been based in ________ during his long career.

Question 7: Leonid Mikhailovich Kharitonov (Russian: Леонид Михайлович Харитонов) is a Russian bass-baritone (баритональный бас) singer, born 18 September 1933 in the village of Golumet, ________.
Irkutsk OblastTuvaKrasnoyarsk KraiBuryatia

Question 8: This is because his career was overshadowed by the ________.
Vietnam WarJoseph StalinCentral Intelligence AgencyCold War

Question 9: In other words, particularly when the choir sings ________, or when there are no drums, the bass part appears to set both the rhythm and pitch, by virtue of having the heaviest sound.
A cappellaBoyz II MenThe Sing-OffCollegiate a cappella

Question 10: In recent years he has been involved in returning an icon of ________ to the Church of Saint Nicholas in his home town of Golumet.
Christmas EveSaint NicholasChristmasSanta Claus


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