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Question 1: He also captured the WWA Middleweight Championship, working as Ultraman 2000 and also won the ________ from Psicosis in a "title vs.
Mexican National Light Heavyweight ChampionshipMexican National Welterweight ChampionshipMexican National Lightweight ChampionshipNWA World Welterweight Championship

Question 2: When ________ formed the Latino World Order (lWo) Carrera was one of the Luchadors that joined, but never made much headway in the group.
Stone Cold Steve AustinEddie GuerreroBret HartChris Jericho

Question 3: Carrera made his debut in 1985 after being trained by Luis Canales, he would later receive additional training by ________.
KonnanPsicosisRey Misterio, Sr.Manuel Ortiz

Question 4: ________ (1 time)[1][6]
Mexican National Lightweight ChampionshipMexican National Welterweight ChampionshipNWA World Welterweight ChampionshipMexican National Light Heavyweight Championship

Question 5: Carrera often team with Halloween, forming the team "Mexico's Most Wanted" which has worked extensively in North America for such promotions as ________ (XPW) and Revolution Pro.
Hardcore HomecomingXtreme Pro WrestlingExtreme Championship WrestlingWrestling Society X

Question 6: In June, 2008 Damián 666 was backstage at the World Wrestling Entertainment PPV ________ and worked a tryout match later on.
Backlash (2008)One Night Stand (2008)WrestleMania XXIVJudgment Day (2008)

Question 7: Águila defeated Máximo, El Sagrado and ________ for the Mexican National Trios Championship.
Atlantis (wrestler)Misterioso, Jr.Consejo Mundial de Lucha LibreEl Texano, Jr.

Question 8: After working as Caballero 2000 for a couple of years Carrera's ring persona was recast in the fall of 1987 where he became Ultraman 2000, patterned after the Japanese ________ Ultraman, working as a partner/sidekick for the Luchador Ultraman.
Manga outside JapanShōjo mangaYaoiManga

Question 9: [9] In 2000 and 2001 Damián 666 and Halloween tourned with ________, working tag team and some times six man tag team matches with other Luchadors.
Pro Wrestling NoahAll Japan Pro WrestlingHustle (professional wrestling)Japan Pro Wrestling Alliance

Question 10: [8] The two of them began working for South Californian promotions such as Revolution Pro and ________ (XPW) under the moniker "Mexico's Most Wanted".
Wrestling Society XHardcore HomecomingXtreme Pro WrestlingExtreme Championship Wrestling

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