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Leonard Wood: Quiz


Question 1: He is portrayed favorably in the 1997 miniseries "Rough Riders" by actor and former United States Marine ________.
United States Marine CorpsAchievement MedalCommendation MedalDale Dye

Question 2: After the major candidates deadlocked, the nomination went to ________.
Warren G. HardingWilliam McKinleyRutherford B. HayesJohn W. Bricker

Question 3: Leonard Wood was portrayed in a less favorable light by ________ and others for his part in leading the Moro Crater massacre in 1906.
Mark TwainThe Mysterious StrangerA Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's CourtLetters from the Earth

Question 4: Born in Winchester, New Hampshire, he attended Pierce Academy in Middleborough, Massachusetts, and ________, earning an M.D. degree in 1884 as an intern at Boston City Hospital.
Harvard UniversityHarvard Medical SchoolHarvard Divinity SchoolHarvard Business School

Question 5: Wood died in ________ after undergoing surgery for a recurrent brain tumor.
Phoenix, ArizonaBostonAtlantaDenver

Question 6: A plaque in Wood's memory is found in ________'s Memorial Church.
Harvard CrimsonBrown UniversityRutgers UniversityHarvard University

Question 7: After San Juan, Wood led the 2nd Cavalry Brigade for the rest of the war; he stayed in ________ after the war and was appointed the Military Governor of Santiago in 1898, and of Cuba from 1899‚Äď1902.

Question 8: He had initially been diagnosed in 1910 with a benign ________ brought on by exposure to experimental weapons refuse.
Atypical teratoid rhabdoid tumorMeningiomaNeurofibromatosis type IINeuroblastoma

Question 9: Wood was personal physician to Presidents ________ and William McKinley through 1898.
Harry S. TrumanGrover ClevelandMartin Van BurenFranklin D. Roosevelt

Question 10: Leonard Wood also holds officer service #2 in the Regular Army (________ holds officer service #1).
Dwight D. EisenhowerJohn J. PershingGeorge MarshallDouglas MacArthur


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