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Question 1: Leo also completed work on the Basilica, the Greek translation and update of the law code issued by ________, which had been started during the reign of Basil.
BasiliscusConstantine IManuel I KomnenosJustinian I

Question 2: In indulging his chief counselor Stylianos Zaoutzes, Leo provoked a war with ________ in 894, but was defeated.
Boris I of BulgariaSamuel of BulgariaByzantine–Bulgarian WarsSimeon I of Bulgaria

Question 3: He also composed hymns which are sung on the Great Feast of the ________.
EasterOrthodox ChurchFeast of the CrossGreat Lent

Question 4: In 904 the renegade Leo of Tripolis sacked ________ with his Muslim pirates (an event described in The Capture of Thessalonica by John Kaminiates).
ThessalonikiAthensCorfu (city)Patras

Question 5: Seeking political reconciliation, the new emperor secured the support of the officials in the capital, and surrounded himself with bureaucrats like ________ and the eunuch Samonas.
Leo VI the WiseStylianos ZaoutzesByzantine EmpireBasil I

Question 6: There are several stichera (hymns) attributed to him which are chanted on Lazarus Saturday in the ________.
Eastern ChristianityEast–West SchismChristianityOrthodox Church

Question 7: In 907 ________ was attacked by the Kievan Rus' under Oleg of Novgorod, who was seeking favourable trading rights with the empire.
Hagia SophiaConstantinopleByzantine EmpireByzantine navy

Question 8: Leo was born to Eudokia Ingerina who was at the time mistress of Emperor ________ and wife of his Caesar Basil.
Constantine VIIBasil IITheophilos (emperor)Michael III

Question 9: On August 29, 886, Basil died in a hunting accident, though he claimed on his deathbed that there was an ________ attempt in which Leo was possibly involved.
Honor killingMass murderInfanticideAssassination

Question 10: Bishop Liutprand of Cremona gives an account similar to those related about caliph ________, stating that Leo would sometimes disguise himself and look for injustice or corruption.
Abbasid CaliphateCaliphateIranHarun al-Rashid


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