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Question 1: His masterpieces War and Peace and ________ represent in their scope, breadth and vivid depiction of 19th-century Russian life and attitudes, the peak of realist fiction.
Anna KareninaThe Cossacks (novel)Leo TolstoyThe Kreutzer Sonata

Question 2:
When is Leo Tolstoy's birthday?

Question 3:
When did Leo Tolstoy die?

Question 4:

Question 5:
Which of the following genres does Leo Tolstoy produce?

Question 6: In 1904, during the ________, Tolstoy condemned the war and wrote to the Japanese Buddhist priest Soyen Shaku in a failed attempt to make a joint pacifist statement.
Scramble for AfricaFirst Sino-Japanese WarBoxer RebellionRusso-Japanese War

Question 7: [6] Along with his growing idealism, Tolstoy also became a major supporter of the ________ movement.
Reformed EsperantoEsperanto grammarEsperantidoEsperanto

Question 8: His literal interpretation of the ethical teachings of ________, centering on the Sermon on the Mount, caused him in later life to become a fervent Christian anarchist and pacifist.
New TestamentJesusGospelNew Testament view on Jesus' life

Question 9: After reading ________'s The World as Will and Representation, Tolstoy gradually became converted to the ascetic morality upheld in that work as the proper spiritual path for the upper classes:
ExistentialismFriedrich NietzscheGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelArthur Schopenhauer

Question 10: War and Peace is generally thought to be one of the greatest ________ ever written, remarkable for its breadth and unity.

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