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Leo Strauss: Quiz


Question 1:
What region does Leo Strauss belong to?
Europe and North America
Lombardy, Italy
Western Philosophy
n French n Italian n Spanish n Portuguese n Romanian

Question 2: He regarded the trial and death of ________ as the moment when political philosophy came into existence.

Question 3:
Who of the following did Leo Strauss influence?

Question 4: Abram Shulsky, another of Strauss' students, headed The Pentagon's Office of Special Plans, which worked under Wolfowitz to gather intelligence for the ________.
United States Marine CorpsIraq WarVietnam WarCentral Intelligence Agency

Question 5: In 1939, he served for a short term as a visiting professor at ________.
Swarthmore CollegeHamilton CollegeFranklin & Marshall CollegeUnion College (New York)

Question 6:
When is Leo Strauss's birthday?

Question 7: He taught at the ________, for 1954–55 academic year.
An-Najah National UniversityTel Aviv UniversityHebrew University of JerusalemBen-Gurion University of the Negev

Question 8:

Question 9: Strauss wrote that ________ was the first philosopher to properly understand relativism, an idea grounded in a general acceptance of Hegelian historicism.
ExistentialismGeorg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelImmanuel KantFriedrich Nietzsche

Question 10:
Which of the following was of most interest to Leo Strauss?

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