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Leo Marks: Quiz


Question 1:
What role did Leo Marks play in the movie Bounty?

Question 2: From this early interest, he demonstrated his skill at ________ at an early age by deciphering his father's secret price codes that he wrote inside the covers of books.
CryptanalysisData Encryption StandardCryptographyEnigma machine

Question 3:
What role did Leo Marks play in the telemovie K-Ville?
Marlin Boulet
Vin Bear
Pete Taylor
Jeff 'Glue Boy' Gooden

Question 4: He was widely credited with inventing the letter ________, but while he did independently discover the method, he would later find that it was already in use at Bletchley.
Substitution cipherScytaleOne-time padCaesar cipher

Question 5: Leopold Samuel Marks (24 September 1920 – 15 January 2001) was an English ________, screenwriter and playwright.
CryptographySteganographySignals intelligenceEspionage

Question 6: One of his first challenges (stubbornly resisted by the establishment) was to phase out the use of double transposition ciphers using keys based on preselected ________.
LiteratureNovelLyric poetryPoetry

Question 7: Marks also provided the voice of the ________ in Martin Scorsese's The Last Temptation of Christ (1988).
Christian teaching about the DevilGodDevilSatan

Question 8: As a teenager, he earned pocket money by setting the notoriously difficult Times ________.
KenyaUnited KingdomMaltaCryptic crossword

Question 9: Marks also wrote the script for Michael Powell's highly controversial Peeping Tom (1960), the story of a ________ who films his victims while stabbing them to death.
Internet homicideSerial killerTorture murderLust murder

Question 10: He left SOE in 1946 and declined an offer of employment from the ________ (SIS).
Government Communications HeadquartersSecret Intelligence ServiceDefence Intelligence StaffMI5

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