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Question 1: The Lenape supplied the ________ with warriors and scouts in exchange for food supplies.
Continental ArmyUnited States Army RangersUnited States ArmyUnited States Army Europe

Question 2: They spoke two related languages in the Algonquian subfamily, collectively known as the ________: Unami and Munsee.
Delaware languagesOttawa languagePotawatomi languageArapaho language

Question 3: The Delaware are the subject of a legend which inspired the ________ honor society known as the Order of the Arrow.
Boy Scouts of AmericaJersey Shore CouncilBoy Scouts of America membership controversiesHistory of the Boy Scouts of America

Question 4: [9] The success of these methods allowed the tribe to maintain a larger population than ________ hunter-gatherers could support.

Question 5: Lenape society was organized into clans determined by ________ descent.
PatrilinealityMatrilinealityFamily nameMarriage

Question 6: Chief Newcomer, who founded the village of Gekelmukpechunk in ________ in the 1760s, which white settlers and traders later named after him as Newcomerstown.
IndianaOhioMichiganNew Jersey

Question 7: [12] In 1634, the ________ went to war with the Lenape over access to trade with the Dutch at Manhattan.
New NetherlandChesapeake BayPennsylvaniaSusquehannock

Question 8: The Dutch finally established a garrison at Bergen, allowing settlement west of the Hudson within the province of ________.
New AmsterdamNew NetherlandNew Netherland settlementsNew Netherlander

Question 9: Clan membership was ________; children inherited membership in a clan from their mother.
Family nameMarriagePatrilinealityMatrilineality

Question 10: Over the next centuries, they were pushed out of their lands by Iroquoian enemies, treaties and by overcrowding by settlers, and moved west into the ________ valley.
West VirginiaOhio RiverKentuckyIndiana


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