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Lemuridae: Quiz


Question 1: Red-fronted (2N=60) and Collared (2N=50–52) Brown Lemurs were found to hybridize at Berenty Reserve, ________.
Saint HelenaMaldivesMadagascarMozambique

Question 2:
  • Family ________: dwarf and mouse lemurs
    Northern Giant Mouse LemurGray Mouse LemurCheirogaleidaeClaire's Mouse Lemur

Question 3: They have a good sense of smell and ________.
Depth perceptionBinocular visionConvergence insufficiencyAutostereogram

Question 4: Though the ________ species are the only lemurids that have true litters, consisting of anywhere from 2 to 6 offspring.
Ruffed lemurRing-tailed LemurLemuridaeBlack-and-white Ruffed Lemur

Question 5: Lemurids are ________, eating fruit, leaves, and, in some cases, nectar.

Question 6: Lemur
LemuridaeCollared Brown LemurRuffed lemurBlack-and-white Ruffed Lemur

Question 7:
  • Suborder ________: non-tarsier prosimians

Question 8: These animals were thought to be the evolutionary predecessors of monkeys and ________, but this is no longer considered correct.

Question 9: Lemur species in the Eulemur are known to interbreed, despite having dramatically different ________ numbers.
KaryotypeChromosomal translocationChromosomeAutosome

Question 10: Lemuridae is a family of prosimian primates native to ________, and one of five families commonly known as lemurs.
Saint HelenaMozambiqueMaldivesMadagascar


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