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Question 1: In front of this church stands a monument to ________.
Hector BerliozRichard WagnerFelix MendelssohnFrédéric Chopin

Question 2: Like most German cities, Leipzig has a traffic layout designed to be ________.
HighwayBicycle-friendlyUtility cyclingSegregated cycle facilities

Question 3:
What is the license plate code of Leipzig?

Question 4:
How many inhabitants are there in Leipzig?

Question 5: The city's mayor from 1930 to 1937, ________ was a noted opponent of the Nazi regime in Germany.
German resistanceAdolf HitlerNazi GermanyCarl Friedrich Goerdeler

Question 6: Robert Schumann was also active in Leipzig music, having been invited by ________ when the latter established Germany's first musical conservatoire in the city in 1843.
Hector BerliozFelix MendelssohnRichard WagnerFrédéric Chopin

Question 7: Tom Kaulitz and ________ - the founding members of modern rock band Tokio Hotel - also originate from Leipzig, although no longer live there.
Durch den MonsunSchreiAutomatischBill Kaulitz

Question 8: Germany's chancellor since 2006, ________, studied physics at Leipzig University.
Nicolas SarkozyGordon BrownSilvio BerlusconiAngela Merkel

Question 9: DHL is in the process of transferring the bulk of its European air operations from ________ to Leipzig/Halle Airport.
Brussels AirportAir FranceAer LingusLufthansa

Question 10: It was after East Berlin the largest city in ________ before German reunification.
Soviet UnionEast GermanyCommunist stateCommunist Romania

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