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Legislature of the Virgin Islands: Quiz


Question 1: The Legislative Assembly now could override gubernatorial vetoes with a 2/3 majority, a parliamentary procedure endowed to the ________ and various state legislatures.
111th United States Congress110th United States CongressUnited States CongressUnited States Senate

Question 2:
The ________’ passage of the 1936 Organic Act brought the greatest amount of self-government the islands had ever known.
111th United States Congress110th United States CongressUnited States SenateUnited States Congress

Question 3: The Legislature of the Virgin Islands is the territorial legislature of the ________.
AlaskaUnited States Virgin IslandsBritish Virgin IslandsBarbados

Question 4: The Revised Organic Act of 1954 dissolved the two Municipal Councils, creating a permanent unified and ________ Legislature of the Virgin Islands.
United KingdomUnited StatesUnicameralismParliament

Question 5: For the first time, all islanders above the age of 21 enjoyed ________.
SlaveryUniversal suffrageRacismWomen's suffrage

Question 6: Qualifications to be a senator include being over or at least 21 years of age, a ________, a resident of the Virgin Islands for three years, and a qualified resident of their representing district.
IllinoisCitizenship in the United StatesPennsylvaniaUnited States

Question 7: The law created a Colonial Assembly for the Danish West Indies, as well as the appointment of a Vice-regent serving as the colony’s governor executive, serving on behalf of the ________.
Monarchy of the United KingdomMonarchy of DenmarkMonarchy of SwedenMonarchy of Belgium

Question 8: The Legislature is a ________ body, one of the four such legislative bodies in the United States, along with Nebraska, Guam and the District of Columbia.
United KingdomUnitary stateUnicameralismParliament

Question 9: Vice-regents continued to reserve the right to reject or amend any ________ they did not see fit.
ShariaLawScots lawXeer

Question 10: The federal Congress and President, however, continued to reserve the right to ________ territorial legislation.
HungaryUnited States CongressVetoUnited States

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