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Legislature of the European Union: Quiz


Question 1: Which areas are subject to which procedure is laid down in the ________.
European ParliamentEuropean integrationTreaties of the European UnionMember State of the European Union

Question 2: The European Parliament's 732[1] members is directly elected every five years by ________.
Universal suffrageWomen's suffrageRacismSlavery

Question 3: The codecision procedure was amended by the Treaty of Amsterdam[9] and the number of legal bases where the procedure applies was greatly increased by both the latter treaty and the ________.
Treaty of NiceTreaty of LisbonTreaty establishing a Constitution for EuropeTreaties of the European Union

Question 4: It was renamed the ordinary legislative procedure and extended to nearly all areas (such as agriculture, fisheries, transport, structural funds, the entire budget and the former third pillar by the ________.
Treaty of LisbonEuropean CouncilTreaties of the European UnionMember State of the European Union

Question 5: [11] The procedure is also used in relation to the Union's advisory bodies such as the ________ and the Economic and Social Committee that are required to be consulted under a range of areas under the treaties affecting their area of expertise.
European ParliamentCouncil of the European UnionBarroso CommissionCommittee of the Regions

Question 6: The legislature of the European Union is principally divided between the European Parliament and the ________, with the power to initiate laws (with limited exceptions) being held by the European Commission.
Enlargement of the European UnionCouncil of the European UnionEuropean CouncilBarroso Commission


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