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Question 1: He promoted the (in popular devotion often neglected) adoration of the Third Person of the ________ through the Virgin Mary, whom he saw as the "visible image" of the Spirit.
TrinityChristologyGod in ChristianityBiblical canon

Question 2: The Tessera consists of the Invocation, prayers to the Holy Spirit, the ________, the Catena, and the concluding prayers of the Tessera.
Roman Catholic MariologyBlessed Virgin Mary (Roman Catholic)Immaculate ConceptionRosary

Question 3: His idea was to help Catholic laypeople fulfill their ________ promises and be able to live their dedication to the Church in an organised structure, supported by fraternity and prayer.
LutheranismProtestant ReformationInfant baptismBaptism

Question 4: The praesidium, usually a group of 4-20 members, meets weekly in its ________.

Question 5: Today between active and auxiliary (praying) members there are in excess of 10 million members worldwide making it the largest apostolic organization of lay people in the ________.
PopePope John Paul IIPope Gregory ICatholic Church

Question 6: The next level is the ________, which is in charge of several Curiae, usually over an area like a big city or a part of a province.
ComitiumAncient RomeRomulus and RemusRoman Republic

Question 7: In addition to their duties as active members, Pretorians pray the Rosary, the Divine Office and go to ________ daily.
Tridentine MassRoman Catholic theologyMass (liturgy)Catholic liturgy

Question 8: [1] It was founded in ________, Ireland, as a Roman Catholic Marian Movement by layman Frank Duff.

Question 9: The organization of the Legion is modeled on the ________, starting with the praesidium as its smallest unit, and going up from there.
Auxiliaries (Roman military)Roman NavyImperial Roman armyRoman army

Question 10: Active members: They regularly attend the weekly sessions of their praesidium and pray daily the prayer of the Legion, the Catena Legionis, which consists essentially of the ________ and some shorter prayers.
MagnificatAngelusMarian devotionsHail Mary


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