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Legal research: Quiz


Question 1: Legal research is performed by anyone with a need for legal information, including ________, law librarians, and paralegals.
LawyerShariaLegal educationCommon law

Question 2: Sources of legal information range from printed books, to free legal research websites and information portals to fee database vendors such as ________ and Westlaw.
LexisNexisLawyerLexisNexis ButterworthsToyota

Question 3: Law libraries around the world provide research services to help their patrons find the legal information they need in law schools, ________ and other research environments.
AtlantaWashington, D.C.New York CityLaw firm

Question 4: The processes of ________ research vary according to the country and the legal system involved.
ShariaLawScots lawXeer

Question 5: Many law libraries and institutions provide free access to legal information on the web, either individually or via ________, such as with the Free Access to Law Movement.
Collective actionPositivismEconomic sociologySociology

Question 6: Legal Research, from WEX, Cornell Law School ________
Legal Information InstituteThomas R. BruceCornell UniversityPrimary authority


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