Legal liability: Quiz

Question 1: Payment of ________ usually resolved the liability.
PleadingDamagesJudgment (law)Deposition (law)

Question 2: In commercial law, ________ is a form of business ownership in which business owners are legally responsible for no more than the amount that they have contributed to a venture.
General partnershipCompanies lawLimited liabilityCorporation

Question 3: In ________ a person is said to be legally liable when they are financially and legally responsible for something.
XeerLawShariaScots law

Question 4: Legal liability concerns both civil law and ________.
FraudTortDuressCriminal law

Question 5: Under ________, with the passing of the Theft Act 1978, it is an offense to evade a liability dishonestly.
Scots lawEnglish lawNorthern Ireland lawContemporary Welsh Law

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