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Question 1: The plaintiff must also make a genuine effort to inform the defendant of the case through ________, by which the plaintiff delivers to the defendant the same documents that the plaintiff filed with the court.
Federal Rules of Civil ProcedurePleadingClass actionService of process

Question 2: A ________, in common law jurisdictions, begins when a person suspected of a crime is indicted by a grand jury or otherwise charged with the offense by a government official called a prosecutor or district attorney.
Criminal lawFraudTortDuress

Question 3: [1] The "v" separating the parties is an abbreviation of the Latin versus, but in Commonwealth countries is expanded "and" or "against" when spoken, as in ________' Jarndyce and Jarndyce.
Little DorritEbenezer ScroogeCharles DickensA Christmas Carol

Question 4: At any point during the case, the parties can agree to a settlement, which will end the case, although in some circumstances, such as in ________, a settlement requires court approval in order to be binding.
PleadingDemurrerLawsuitClass action

Question 5: However, it is often more convenient to refer to cases, particularly landmark and otherwise notable cases, by a title of the form Claimant v Defendant, for example ________.
The SpectatorNoseweekPrivate EyeThe Economist

Question 6: A civil case can also be arbitrated through ________.
ArbitrationAlternative dispute resolutionMediationLaw

Question 7: Like a civil case, a criminal case may also be settled before a trial through a ________, in some jurisdictions.
Plea bargainCriminal procedureMiranda warningGrand jury

Question 8: Details of the procedure may depend on both the kind of case and the kind of system in which the case is brought - whether, for example, it is an inquisitorial system or an ________.
Criminal procedureCommon lawPleaAdversarial system

Question 9: Where it is considered necessary to protect the anonymity of a natural person, some cases may have one or both parties replaced by a standard pseudonym (Jane Roe in ________), or by an initial (D v D).
AbortionDoe v. BoltonRoe v. WadePlanned Parenthood v. Casey

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