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Leg: Quiz


Question 1:
  • Some arthropods have more than a dozen legs; a few species possess over 100. Despite what their names might suggest,
    • ________ may have less than 20 or more than 300 legs.

Question 2: A leg is a limb on an organism's body that supports the rest of the animal above the ground between the ankle and the ________ and the groin.
Human legKneeLower limbHip

Question 3: ________ have fewer than 1,000 legs, but up to 750.

Question 4: The end of the leg farthest from the animal's body is often either modified or attached to another structure that is modified to disperse the animal's weight on the ground (see ________).
Lower limbHuman legFootCrus (lower leg)

Question 5: ________: 4, 6 (Insects), 8, 12, or 14


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