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Question 1: The original French left-wing was anti-clerical, opposing the influence of the ________ and supporting the separation of church and state.
Catholic ChurchPope Gregory IPope John Paul IIPope

Question 2: Freedom Socialist Party, ________) and Marxist feminism (e.g.
Susan SternClara FraserRadical WomenSocialist feminism

Question 3: Third worldism is closely connected with Pan-Africanism, Pan-Arabism, ________, African socialism and Latin American socialist trends.
MarxismRevolutionary Internationalist MovementMaoismMao Zedong

Question 4: In France, the Left has been divided over moves to ban the ________ from schools, with some supporting a ban based on separation of church and state, and others opposing the ban based on personal freedom.

Question 5: Many notable leftists have been feminists, such as: the Marxists Clara Zetkin and ________, Helen Keller, anarchist Emma Goldman, and Annie Besant, who was involved in various socialist groups.
RussiaAlexandra KollontaiLeon TrotskyChristian Rakovsky

Question 6: ________, Libertarian socialists and left-wing anarchists believe in a decentralized economy run by trade unions, workers' councils, cooperatives, municipalities and communes, and oppose both government and private control of the economy.
Libertarian socialismLeft-libertarianismAnarcho-capitalismMutualism (economic theory)

Question 7: ________ is closely connected with left-liberalism, and the left-wing of mainstream American politics.
Second-wave feminismWomen's rightsLiberal feminismRadical feminism

Question 8: [43] In the 21st Century, questions about the environment have become increasingly politicized, with the Left generally accepting the findings of environmental scientists about ________[44][45], and many on the Right disputing those findings.
Global warmingScientific opinion on climate changeGlobal warming controversyKyoto Protocol

Question 9: Following a split with supporters of Marx and ________ at the First International, the anarchists formed the International Workers' Association.
Leo TolstoyNestor MakhnoMikhail BakuninPeter Kropotkin

Question 10: Proletarian internationalism is summed up in the slogan, "Workers of all countries, unite!", the last line of ________.
The Communist ManifestoStateless communismMarxismMarxist philosophy

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