Lebanese Australian: Quiz

Question 1: ________, in both its modern-day form as the Lebanese state (declared in 1941) and its historical form as the region of The Lebanon, has been a source of migrants to Australia for over two centuries.

Question 2: Administration then passed to the French Mandate for several decades, which ruled it together with what would become ________, it's neoghbour.

Question 3: Most ________ today live outside of Lebanon.
Arab diasporaLebanese diasporaLebanese peopleLebanese Australian

Question 4: The Lebanese were ________ in language and culture following the Muslim conquest, however the majority remained Christian, only a minority converted to Islam, though they too were originally Christians.

Question 5: Prior to all this, Phoenician (most closely related to ________) was the original indigenous language of the ancestors of the modern Lebanese people and Phoenician polytheism the original indigenous religion.
Biblical HebrewSamaritan Hebrew languageMishnaic HebrewHebrew language

Question 6: Prior to 1918, Lebanese migrants to Australia were not habitually distinguished from Turks because the area of modern Lebanon was a province of the Turkish ________.
Byzantine EmpireTurkeyOttoman EmpireIstanbul

Question 7: Many also went to the United States, and others to ________, primarily to the eastern states, and most to New South Wales in particular.
CanadaBarbadosAustraliaUnited Kingdom

Question 8: [10] This wave of migrants were often poor and for the first time, over half of them were ________.

Question 9: In Australia, a majority of 53% of Lebanese is ________, while a large minority of 40% is Muslim, of those born in Lebanon.
ChristianityCatholic ChurchJesusChristian

Question 10: [10] Following the outbreak of the ________ in 1975, more than 20,000 civil war refugees arrived in Australia.
1982 Lebanon WarHezbollah2006 Lebanon WarLebanese Civil War

Source: The Full Wiki (http://quiz.thefullwiki.org/Lebanese_Australian)