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Lear's Macaw: Quiz


Question 1: The Lear's Macaw (Anodorhynchus leari), also known as the Indigo Macaw, is a rare Brazilian ________ with a highly restricted range.

Question 2: It was eventually rediscovered in 1978 by ornithologist Helmut Sick in ________ in the interior northeast of Brazil.
Rio Grande do NortePernambucoSalvador, BahiaBahia

Question 3: It was named after the poet, author, and artist, ________, who published many drawings and paintings of parrots.
PoetryAlfred, Lord TennysonEdward LearNonsense

Question 4: In 2009 the conservation status of the species was downgraded to ________ from critically endangered.
TigerEndangered speciesPolar bearCheetah

Question 5: [3] It is currently listed as an Endangered species (________ I).


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