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Lean software development: Quiz


Question 1: Most experienced ________ have simply stated the key for a successful project – "Find good people and let them do their own job."
ArchitectProject managementScrum (development)Project manager

Question 2: The Just-in-Time production ideology could be applied to ________, recognizing its specific requirements and environment.
Software developmentComputer programmingSoftware testingSoftware design

Question 3: Only when all of the lean principles are implemented together, combined with strong “common sense” with respect to the working environment, is there a basis for success in ________.
Software designSoftware testingSoftware developmentComputer programming

Question 4: One of the healthy ways towards integral architecture is ________.
Object-oriented programmingSoftware architectureCode refactoringExtreme Programming

Question 5: Adapted from the ________, a pro-lean subculture is emerging from within the Agile community.
Lean manufacturingToyota Production SystemThe Toyota WayAutonomation

Question 6: Lean software development practices, or what the Poppendiecks call "tools" are expressed slightly differently from their equivalents in ________, but there are parallels.
Scrum (development)Software testingAgile software developmentExtreme Programming

Question 7:
Lean software development is a translation of Lean manufacturing and ________ principles and practices to the software development domain.
Information Technology Infrastructure LibraryTescoIBMLean IT

Question 8: Mary and Tom's involvement in the ________ community, including talks at several Agile conferences has resulted in such concepts being more widely accepted within the Agile community.
Software testingExtreme ProgrammingScrum (development)Agile software development


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