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Lean manufacturing: Quiz


Question 1: ________ provides truly Lean approaches to business management and financial reporting.
Lean accountingToyota Production SystemLean manufacturingShigeo Shingo

Question 2: Techniques to improve flow include production leveling, "pull" production (by means of ________) and the Heijunka box.
KanbanMaterial requirements planningLean manufacturingManufacturing resource planning

Question 3: Start pulling work through the system, look at the production scheduling and move towards daily orders with ________ cards
KanbanManufacturing resource planningMaterial requirements planningLean manufacturing

Question 4: [26] More generally, the use of Lean in IT has become known as ________.
Lean ITLean manufacturingInformation Technology Infrastructure LibraryIBM

Question 5: This ________ of parts was central to Ford's concept of mass production, and the manufacturing "tolerances", or upper and lower dimensional limits that ensured interchangeability of parts became widely applied across manufacturing.
StandardizationSpecification (technical standard)Open standardStandards organization

Question 6: At the ________ level, requirements are reviewed with marketing and customer representatives to eliminate those requirements which are costly.
Artificial intelligenceSystems engineeringSafety engineeringSoftware engineering

Question 7: In 1936, when Toyota won its first truck contract with the Japanese government, his processes hit new problems and he developed the "________" improvement teams.
Total productive maintenanceSix SigmaLean manufacturingKaizen

Question 8: [20] Breakthroughs in ________ and other process changing techniques rely upon clear identification of where untapped opportunities may lie if the processing assumptions are challenged.
Lean manufacturingSingle Minute Exchange of DieShigeo ShingoProduction leveling

Question 9: ________, the father of scientific management, introduced what are now called standardization and best practice deployment.
Ken RosewallAlex OlmedoFrederick Winslow TaylorTony Roche

Question 10: As such, it is a chapter in the larger narrative that also includes such ideas as the folk wisdom of thrift, time and motion study, Taylorism, the Efficiency Movement, and ________.
Brave New WorldScientific managementHenry FordFordism


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