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  • the PWS-6 was the first Polish aircraft fitted with slats—but the prototype is the only model ever produced?

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Question 1: In the post-war era slats have generally been hydraulically or ________ operated.
Electric chargeElectric currentElectricityElectromagnetism

Question 2: Slats are ________ surfaces on the leading edge of the wings of fixed-wing aircraft which, when deployed, allow the wing to operate at a higher angle of attack.
Navier–Stokes equationsFluid dynamicsBernoulli's principleAerodynamics

Question 3: Slats are one of several high-lift devices used on ________, such as flap systems running along the trailing edge of the wing.
AirbusAirlinerWide-body aircraftBoeing 777

Question 4: Thin boundary layers can withstand stronger adverse ________ than thick ones.
Curl (mathematics)GradientDivergenceDerivative

Question 5: Fresh boundary layer effect: Each new element starts out with a fresh ________ at its leading edge.
Boundary layerDrag (physics)Fluid mechanicsNavier–Stokes equations

Question 6: The slat effect: The velocities at the leading edge of the downstream element (main ________) are reduced due to the circulation of the upstream element (slat) thus reducing the pressure peaks of the downstream element.
AirfoilLift (force)Stall (flight)Wingtip device


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