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Question 1: [6][13][18] Lead's interference with heme synthesis results in production of zinc protoporphyrin and the development of ________.
AnemiaIron deficiency anemiaPernicious anemiaAplastic anemia

Question 2: Lead affects the peripheral nervous system (especially motor nerves) and the ________.
Grey matterWhite matterNeuronCentral nervous system

Question 3: [32] ________'s engineer, Vitruvius, reported, "water is much more wholesome from earthenware pipes than from lead pipes.
Roman RepublicJulius CaesarLucius Cornelius SullaPompey

Question 4: The primary cause of lead's toxicity is its interference with a variety of enzymes due to the fact that it binds to ________ found on many enzymes.

Question 5: Lead and other heavy metals create reactive radicals which damage cell structures including ________ and cell membranes.

Question 6: [23] ________ problems, such as constipation, diarrhea, poor appetite, or weight loss, are common in acute poisoning.
PeritonitisColorectal cancerHuman gastrointestinal tractAscending cholangitis

Question 7: Symptoms include abdominal pain, headache, ________, irritability, and in severe cases seizures, coma, and death.
Pernicious anemiaAplastic anemiaAnemiaIron deficiency anemia

Question 8: Lead poisoning (also known as plumbism, colica pictonium, saturnism, Devon colic, or painter's colic) is a medical condition caused by increased levels of the heavy metal ________ in the body.

Question 9: In men, when blood lead levels exceed 40 μg/dL, ________ is reduced and changes occur in volume of sperm, their motility, and their morphology.
Semen qualityCondomSemen analysisSemen

Question 10: In 18th-century Boston, lead poisoning was fairly frequent on account of the widespread drinking of ________, which was made in stills with a lead component (the "worm").
VodkaRumWhiskyAlcoholic beverage

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