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Question 1: Flake white is traditionally considered to be the most structurally sound underpainting layer for ________, possessing a combination of flexibility, toughness, and permanence not found in other paints, and certainly not in the other white pigments.
Media (arts)Oil paintingCanvasLeonardo da Vinci

Question 2: [2] It can cause ________ damage and affects every organ system of the body.
LiverUrinary systemEndocrine systemKidney

Question 3: Paint manufacturers replaced white lead with a less toxic substitute, titanium white (based on the pigment ________) which was first used in paints in the 19th century.
Titanium dioxideZinc oxide4-Methylbenzylidene camphorTitanium tetrachloride

Question 4: Lead paint is paint containing ________, a heavy metal, that is used as pigment, with lead(II) chromate (PbCrO4, "chrome yellow") and lead(II) carbonate(PbCO3, "white lead") being the most common.

Question 5: The ________ has passed a directive controlling lead paint use.
European ParliamentGermanyDenmarkEuropean Union

Question 6: [3] Genuine flake white is difficult for artists to obtain in many countries, even though other toxic paints (such as the ________-based colors) may be readily available.

Question 7: This is due to the reaction of the lead carbonate in the paint with traces of ________ in the air and with acids, often from fingerprints.
Hydrogen sulfideNitrous oxideNitric oxideCarbon monoxide

Question 8: ________
Lead paintOhioLead-based paint in the United StatesLead safe work practices

Question 9: An Annotated Bibliography of Works concerning Paint and Colour prepared by ________.
Windsor CastleEltham PalaceUnited KingdomPatrick Baty


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