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Lead cooled fast reactor: Quiz


Question 1: The reactors are intended for use in nuclear power plants to produce nuclear power from ________.
UraniumNuclear reactor technologyNuclear fuelPlutonium

Question 2: The lead-cooled fast reactor is a nuclear power ________ that features a fast neutron spectrum, molten lead or lead-bismuth eutectic coolant, and a closed fuel cycle.
Generation IV reactorNuclear reactor technologyUraniumMolten salt reactor

Question 3: Two types of LFR reactor were used in Soviet ________ of the 1970s.
Soviet submarine K-278 KomsomoletsAlfa class submarineTyphoon class submarineZulu class submarine

Question 4: The LFR is cooled by natural ________ with a reactor outlet coolant temperature of 550 °C, possibly ranging over 800 °C with advanced materials.

Question 5: The fuel is metal or nitride-based containing fertile uranium and ________.
CaliforniumCuriumPlutoniumTransuranium element


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