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Lead(II) oxide: Quiz


Question 1: As determined by ________, the compound features pyramidal four-coordinate Pb center.
X-ray crystallographyProteinAtomProtein structure

Question 2: PbO is used extensively in manufacturing of ________ and ceramic glazes as well as in fine dinnerware.
Lead glassCorningWareOpticsBorosilicate glass

Question 3: [6] PbO is used in cathode ray tube glass to block ________ emission, but mainly in the neck and funnel because it can cause discoloration when used in the faceplate.
Ionizing radiationNuclear fusionRadiation therapyX-ray

Question 4: Other less dominating applications in the ________ of rubber and to produce certain pigments and paints.
Natural rubberCross-linkVulcanizationOlmec

Question 5: Both forms occur naturally as rare ________: the red form is known as litharge and the yellow form is known as massicot.

Question 6: A mixture of PbO with ________ sets to a hard, waterproof cement that has been used to join the flat glass sides and bottoms of aquaria, and was also once used to seal glass panels in window frames.
GlycerolEthylene glycolGlucoseEthanol

Question 7: The red and yellow forms of this material are related by a small change in ________: PbO(red) → PbO(yellow) ΔH = 1.6 kJ/mol
EnthalpyGibbs free energyInternal energyHelmholtz free energy


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