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Question 1: It is a dense, ________, very soft, highly malleable, bluish-white metal that has poor electrical conductivity.

Question 2: Lead is used in ________ for electronics, although this usage is being phased out by some countries to reduce the amount of environmentally hazardous waste.

Question 3: Lead was used in car body filler, which was used in many ________ in the 1940s–60s.
Dick DeanHirohata MercHot rodCustom car

Question 4: It is highly malleable and ductile as well as easy to ________.
Blast furnaceIronSmeltingMetallurgy

Question 5: Here it can be seen that the addition of chloride can lower the solubility of lead, however in chloride rich media (such as ________) the lead can become soluble again as anionic chlorocomplexes.
Aqua regiaChromiumGoldChlorine

Question 6: [7] In the early ________, lead was used with antimony and arsenic.
Bronze Age BritainDeverel-Rimbury cultureAncient Near EastBronze Age

Question 7: The concern about lead's role in cognitive deficits in children has brought about widespread reduction in its use (lead exposure has been linked to ________).
Learning disabilityDyslexiaDysgraphiaAphasia

Question 8: lead consumers' compliance with environmental regulations that significantly reduced or eliminated the use of lead in non-battery products, including ________, paints, solders, and water systems.
GasolineDiesel fuelInternal combustion engineFilling station

Question 9: Lead is a soft, ________ poor metal, also considered to be one of the heavy metals.

Question 10: Lead oxide from the roasting process is reduced in a coke-fired ________.
Wrought ironIronSteelBlast furnace


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