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Lawrence v. Texas: Quiz


Question 1: [2] Yet, it would be a few years later before the ________ took its first major case in opposition to these laws.
Democratic Party (United States)KentuckyRepublican Party (United States)American Civil Liberties Union

Question 2:
What is the full name of Lawrence v. Texas?
Aguilar v. Texas
West Texas United Sockers
John Geddes Lawrence and Tyron Garner v. Texas
Lee and Joe Jamail Texas Swimming Center

Question 3: In Martin v. Ziherl, the ________ ruled the state's fornication law unconstitutional.
Oklahoma Supreme CourtMontana Supreme CourtSupreme Court of VirginiaSupreme Court of the United States

Question 4: Lawrence had the additional impact of invalidating ________ laws that differed based on sexual orientation.
Sex and the lawSexual abuseProstitutionAge of consent

Question 5: The ________ rejected an argument based on Lawrence that a teacher had a constitutional right to engage in sexual activity with his (female) students.
Alabama Supreme CourtArkansas Supreme CourtOregon Supreme CourtConnecticut Supreme Court

Question 6: Many proponents of ________ draw upon Lawrence in their Constitutional reasoning.
Civil unionSame-sex unionDomestic partnershipSame-sex marriage

Question 7: The Court has not ruled on statutes prohibiting adult incest, ________, prostitution, and other forms of sexual intimacy between consenting adults.

Question 8: The Supreme Court granted a writ of ________ agreeing to hear the case on December 2, 2002.
Cert poolCommon lawAdministrative lawCertiorari

Question 9: Lawrence and Garner were arrested, held overnight in jail, and charged with violating Texas's anti-sodomy statute, the Texas "________ Conduct" law.
LesbianSexual orientationHomosexualityBisexuality

Question 10: Scalia also criticizes the writers of the opinion for their unwillingness to give the same respect to the doctrine of ________ that some of them applied in Casey .
United StatesCommon lawSupreme courtStare decisis

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