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Question 1: There is the additional hazard with these machines of accidentally mowing over the power cable, which stops the mower and may put users at risk of receiving a dangerous ________.
Radiation poisoningHypothermiaAsphyxiaElectric shock

Question 2: Special ________ blades are available for rotary mowers.

Question 3: These mowers have more features and often have heavier steel, composite plastic or ________ decks.

Question 4: Low priced mowers use older technology, smaller motors, and lighter ________ decks.
SteelIronStainless steelCarbon steel

Question 5: Mowers also cause significant ________,[13][14] and may cause hearing loss if used without hearing protection.
Marine pollutionLight pollutionAir pollutionNoise pollution

Question 6: The second most common transmission type is a form of ________ called the hydrostatic transmission.
Transmission (mechanics)Hub gearContinuously variable transmissionDerailleur gears

Question 7: His machine burned petrol and/or ________ as fuel.

Question 8: After numerous advances, the machines were sold by the Stott Fertilizer and Insecticide Company of ________ and later, the Sumner's took over sales.
Greater ManchesterSalford, Greater ManchesterLiverpoolManchester

Question 9: [11] Beginning in 2011, the ________ has set standards for lawn equipment emissions and expects a reduction of at least 35%.
OklahomaColoradoFloridaUnited States Environmental Protection Agency

Question 10: Lawn mowers employing a blade that rotates about a vertical axis are known as rotary mowers, while those employing a blade assembly that rotates about a ________ are known as cylinder or reel mowers.
Parabolic coordinatesCartesian coordinate systemCylindrical coordinate systemSpherical coordinate system

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